Failed Job Offer, Moving in 3 Days Later, Work Together...or Date? & San Francisco vs Austin

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↳"Should we date or work together?" shares the story of how Andra & Alex first met and the discussions that ultimately led them to not only date but get into business together. Hear about how the couples serendipitous meeting at a co-living co-working house in San Francisco resulted in the couple moving in together after 3 days, which ultimately turned into 16 months of lockdown and a decision to join forces in business.

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Alex Bass
Alex Bass
Founder & CEO @ Efficient App + Efficient VC - Sharing highly unfiltered SaaS opinions at (no-BS software comparisons)
Andra Vomir
Andra Vomir
Co-Founder @ Efficient App + Efficient VC // Helping teams get 2x the results in half the time 🤖
Failed Job Offer, Moving in 3 Days Later, Work Together...or Date? & San Francisco vs Austin
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